The Importance of B.E.I.

Rishon Bates, Staff Writer

At Teaneck High School, senior students are eligible to take the B.E.I. course, which stands for Business Experience Internship. What is B.E.I? “It’s an outreach opportunity for seniors who have taken at least three business classes and to help these students learn what it’s like to have exposure to a job,” explained Mr. Hannon.

Mr. Hannon has been facilitating the B.E.I. program for about eight years now, and enjoys teaching it very much. He loves hearing all the positive feedback from the students’ experiences in the class and thrives on giving them the opportunity to be prepared to have an actual job and work for somebody.

“This class is definitely for self-starter students and helps students tap into their skillset and helps develop their sense of self management and responsibility while taking the course,” said Hannon.

Teachers also benefit from B.E.I. as well. “It helps lift some of the heavy workload off their shoulders. For example, there has been less staff in the offices these past few years due to the helpfulness of the B.E.I. students. They provide a certain comfort level for those working in the office,” said Hannon.

Rising seniors who are interested in taking this class should meet with their guidance counselor. You can also speak with Mr. Hannon or Mr. Bellin about any questions that you have about the course.  However, you will only get accepted if you have met the prerequisites for taking the class, so make sure to take three business classes before signing up.