Animal Appreciation Club


Aaliyah Gibson, Staff Writer

Animal Appreciation Club was founded by a Teaneck High School student in 2005 who said that he loved animals and would like to make a club about them here at Teaneck High School. Mrs. Acevedo agreed with this because she too loved animals.

Mrs. Acevedo wanted to be a vet when she grew up. She couldn’t, this is another way that she could give back to the animals. She is the staff member who advises the Animal Appreciation Club. When the club began, there weren’t a lot of members. Over time and with announcements of an animal appreciation club, the community began to grow. So far, the club has been successful in having many members each year.  Some difficulties she experienced during the first years of the club were getting opportunities for the students to volunteer considering the fact that they are young high school students.

Some of the activities that they do in this club are volunteering at animal related events such as Carnival of Dogs and Adopt a Pet. They also help out at shelters. Some of the field trips they go on are to the Bronx Zoo and Six Flags Great Adventure. Over all the purpose for this club is to gather people that love animals and to find a way to give back to the animals. To join the Animal Appreciation Club, talk to Mrs. Acevedo in the Forum. The Club meets from 3:00 to 4:00 on Wednesdays in room 203.