Christmas on a Boat

Lily Chowdhury, Staff Writer

        Christmas is a time where family and friends come together to be kind to one another. I remember one pleasant memory in particular, when my family and I celebrated Christmas on a boat in Barbados.

          I remember feeling a little off the first time I heard I’d be in a boat. I remember feeling tired on the car ride looking out the window of the car service we were riding in to get to the port. So many beautiful tropical plants, markets, and friendly looking people. It would take a little bit of time to get there, so I had just enough time to ponder this boat ride.

           When we first boarded the boat we had to take our shoes off. In hindsight I should’ve expected this given the fact that it’s a fancy boat with fancy flooring, but I was a little surprised to hear that. 

          The first hour on the boat was quite nice. It was later in the day so when I turned to look to the sky, I was greeted with a lovely sunset. I remember that a lot of trendy songs were playing at this time, and there was a little couch at the end of the boat where I sat. 

           When it was dinner time, I wasn’t too interested in eating, I was much too enamored with my surroundings, so I had a very light dinner while looking deep into the vastness of the ocean.

            Laying on the couch around the evening after dinner was a very pleasant experience. The best way I can describe the movement of the boat is a comforting rocking feeling. It was as if Mother Nature herself was cradling the boat through the sea. Feeling the salty air, seeing the distant lights of the land, and hearing faint music left me feeling comfortable and tired. Unfortunately, soon I found that the ride was nearing an end, and it would be time to return to our hotel rooms. 

         There’s one thing that I love dearly, and that’s nighttime car rides. So it was nice being able to relax in the car and seeing the nightlife on our way back. The roads were quiet, there was minimal lighting except for the indoor car lighting. I had to fight the urge to fall asleep on that car ride or else I’d have trouble falling asleep when we returned to the hotel room. 

          When we arrived back at our room, I immediately got ready for bed. I was very tired, and crawled into bed when I was done. One feeling I remember feeling intensely was a satisfied feeling. I had longed to see the ocean this close. It was so beautiful. I’m a person fascinated with the vastness and mystery of the ocean, so to be up close to it made me feel very happy. 

          I would say it was a rather cozy and fun Christmas for me.