Bulletin Boards within THS

Victoria Guthrie, Staff Writer

     Want to know what clubs are around? Want to stay updated on what events are happening in those clubs and around the school? There are visual notices for this information called bulletin boards. At Teaneck High school, there are more than 24 boards around the school. There are some from the Culinary Club, Muslim Club, H.E.A.L., Literary Magazine, BYO, Red Cross, “Indie” Film Club, ASU, The Stage and Screen Society, The Asian Student Union, birthdays for staff and students, and many others. These bulletin boards would not be well organized without the person who oversees them and student activities, Ms. Cipriano. She assists the process by taking a head count of all the school’s original boards and their location. With that information, she lets the advisors of each club claim a board with a post-it note to confirm their choice, and then the clubs begin to decorate. Each club has a certain amount of time to have its boards decorated. For clubs that don’t have a board, the administration is there to make sure that each club feels represented. All that has to be done is ask for space, they will find it and order a bulletin board for them. One highlight for bulletin boards is the birthday club. This was started last year by 2T2’s president Angie. They wanted to celebrate the birthdays of all the students and staff. The process of finding all the birthdays starts with the student database for Skyward. They sort the birthdays of all the students, then they extract and separate the data by grades. The BEI students assist with designing the board and they make sure to be a month early to put the next month on the board. These boards not only serve as a purpose to keep you updated on activities going on within the school but also serve as refreshing scenery inside the building. With all this in mind, take a look around the school and take some time to look at what all the clubs are doing and maybe even participate in one of them.