Meet Arianna

Camilla Ladines Velasco, Staff Writer

  Ariana is a very kind sweet girl. She loves to watch Gilmore Girls and Tangled. Her favorite thing to do is read and listen to music while doing it. When she grows up she wants to be either a social worker or a therapist. All her life she has lived in Teaneck, when she’s old enough she wants to leave Teaneck. She is super confident and friendly, she brings up your hopes when you’re down. She is a full Colombian queen. She loves listening to music. She listens to Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift, and The Neighborhood. She dislikes a lot of things like bad manners , ignorance and more, and I agree to that because if you have bad manners it’s not okay. Ariana and I have a lot of things in common and with this interview it made me realize that she is not what people think she is.