Packathon for Haiti

The Haiti Packathon is back for its 9th annual food distribution!


Fouzan Mohammed, Staff Writer

The Haiti Packathon hosted its 2nd consecutive food distribution after being shut down from 2020 to 2021 due to Covid-19. Located in the Hope Presbyterian Church, the Haiti Packathon, with the help of 650 volunteers, collects & distributes food to school children in Trois Mares and Chapottin, Haiti. The Haiti Packathon is currently directed by Dr. Joyce Baynes & Mrs. Susan Papera. There were Packathons held for Haiti also in Gallatin Valley, Montana, and on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Mrs. Kay Roseen and Dr. Joyce Baynes are the founders of Future Forward for Haiti and the subsequent Packathons for Haiti. The organization that sponsors the Packathon is Future Forward for Haiti Inc. At FFH, salaries are being paid for teachers in the schools that the Packathon serves in. After discovering children are not getting a hot meal every day, the Packathon for Haiti was started in 2011. The Haiti Packathon & the FFH are doing wonderful things with this organization. They hope to have another successful food-raising next year!