Senior Baby Project


Naomi Walcott, Staff Writer

In Mr. Chabuel’s health class for seniors, students were assigned a baby project. They had to carry around a stuffed animal or a doll, and for it to be treated like a baby. Students were seen carrying different things around, like a small stuffed animal, a baby in a safety harness, a baby doll..and much more. I happen to be in this class, and let me tell you carrying around my teddy bear Timothy, and treating it as if it were a baby was no joke at all. 

I took my son, Timothy, practically everywhere with me! Shopping, for a walk, and to bed. The list gets even longer. The assignment also included making a baby budget, writing a summary, essay, baby announcement, and taking pictures of you and the baby. There was another option but, you would have to write wayyy more..which nobody wants to do so this option was the best bet. 

I conducted an interview with Mr. Chabuel about his take on the project, in these words, he expressed: 

This project has a deeper meaning, and a big responsibility, and provides an appreciation of what your parents went through which makes you appreciate your parents more, teaches you accountability. It teaches you later on in life to understand the value of things. Nice community-building equity. Building appreciation for your community, and realizing that having kids is difficult. As well as, remembering how much your parents have done for you and the sacrifices they had to make to financially raise children.