Joselyn D'Agostino, Staff Writer

Stress. Stress, for me, is a weird experience. As a person with anxiety, I expect myself to be in absolute full-blown panic mode over things that stress me out. For example, My Drivers Ed state test is quite literally one day away. I did 0 studying for it this week because I thought it was next week, and if I fail my grade will plummet, and I know my dad will not get off my back about it. Add on the fact that I have a big project to do, possibly a quiz in chemistry on a topic I’m entirely lost on, and a term paper looming ominously over my head for the third marking period in history, already one of my hardest classes, and-


Oh, look at that. my stress seems to have piled up into a jenga tower of doom. Neato. 


Despite all that, I can’t seem to make myself be proactive about it. My grades are good and I don’t have any missing or late assignments, but as of right now I’m doing just enough to keep my head above water, and can’t find the energy to do more. I’ll be sitting on my couch, in my room, on my phone, and notice the sun setting. I know it’s probably around 5, and I know I have stuff to do-


Buuuuuuuuut, I finished all my assignments for today, so do I really /have/ to do that stuff?


Maybe it’s a short circuit in my brain’s functions. Maybe one of the little people who work in my brain (think ‘Inside-Out’ esque) spilled some juice on the control panel, and now stress equals watching through my liked videos again on YouTube, or taking up a new crafts project instead of doing something about it. 


Now, I would elaborate further, trust me, I love to talk.  Buuuut I think I have a few assignments due tonight that I was gonna do. That might have been before thinking that my nails could use a touch up, though, if my memory is correct (it almost never is), then it was after thinking about painting my phone case.