Brianna Morocho-Acosta, Staff Writer

Have you ever felt embarrassed because your parents said something about you to friends/family? Well I know I have, my parents have talked about embarrassing things I have done at family parties. Everytime they talk about something embarrassing my face just turns red and I get shy. It’s normal to feel embarrassed and have these feelings. You haven’t really lived life if you have never gotten embarrassed by your parents. Some of them do it intentionally and some do it without noticing it and that’s completely fine.

There are many moments where I have felt embarrassed because of something my parents said and a few of them were actually pretty bad. One time when I was on the phone with my ex (girlfriend at the time,) my mother was talking about how I was wearing a dress for my communion. Without me realizing my mother sent the picture to my girlfriend and honestly I was really upset because I was uncomfortable wearing that. For some background information, I only wear masculine clothing because I am comfortable with men’s or boys’ clothes. I feel very uncomfortable wearing female clothing because it just doesn’t feel right. When it comes to fancy parties I use suits and button-ups, not dresses. I am very happy that my parents are supportive of this as they actually go with me to buy suits and stuff like that. After my mom sent the picture she started laughing alongside my girlfriend. I felt really embarrassed and wanted to dig my face under the earth. Another moment where I felt really embarrassed is when my father was showing my baby pictures on my fifteenth birthday. They put on pictures that I didn’t even know existed. One of the most embarrassing pictures they put was one where I had my hair short and looked like Dora the Explorer. Many people were there and were laughing. My face was redder than a tomato, like it was really bad.

In an article that I read, kids were talking about how they felt embarrassed of their parents because they weren’t like their friend’s parents who were chill. I feel like parents who are strict still can be cool in their own way and maybe saying something embarrassing like a joke is their way of caring. It just takes a matter of time for us to realize this. Many kids don’t want to be spotted with their parents because it’s embarrassing to them, they say. We can say hurtful things which may not seem hurtful to us just to excuse the fact we are with them. This one kid was talking about how he went to an amusement park with his dad and he saw a girl who he considered a cool kid standing in a line for a ride. The kid also talked about how he ditched his dad and went up to the girl. He explained how he said an excuse to her about his dad because the girl spotted him. As he turned around he saw his dad looked sad because he heard his own son say those things and probably felt embarrassed at that moment. We as kids have to realize that our parents are embarrassing and we should feel happy to have them because many kids on the other hand either don’t have parents or have parents that they barely see. I love my parents and am grateful for them, but I know they will always say something to embarrass their little girl as they say.