Special Day

Brianna Morocho-Acosta, Staff Writer

This was a special day for me. It was the day that I would officially transform a little girl to a woman. In the Hispanic community, a quinceañera is a big thing for us females because it’s when we have grown old enough to be identified as a woman. This unforgettable rite of passage in the life of a female teenager dates far back to 500 b.c. The Aztecs created this because at the age of fifteen back then you would be eligible to marry. This celebration of age turned into more of a celebratory event for young girls turning into a woman.


 It’s a bright morning and the tents were coming in. You can just smell that morning air and hear the chirping of birds. You can hear all the people’s laughs and giggles trying to predict what’s going to happen. I was very excited about the party, but at the same time, I didn’t really want to wear a dress and makeup. If I’m being honest I was just doing all this for my parents because it was their dream. When it was finally time I went over to my cousin’s house and this person came over. They started doing my makeup and she was so close that I could hear every stroke the brush made. After that, she put lashes on my eyes and lipstick on my lips. The lashes felt like I was lifting twenty pounds. After everything was done I saw tears come out of my aunt’s eyes. Her eyes were shining like a star in the sky. 


I took a couple of pictures and it was time to go to the party. I felt scared and nervous because it was the first time people were going to see me with makeup and a dress on. As I was getting escorted out I started to feel tears out of my eyes. I think it was because I was overwhelmed. I started to hear the people’s gasps and wows as I was making my way to the center. I heard the music turn on and automatically I knew it was time to do the traditional dance. Time passed as I was making my speeches and doing the other traditional dances. I saw my special someone and I danced with them. It seemed like the perfect night or so I thought it was. It was officially night and you can hear people screaming the music at the top of their lungs. While this was happening my special someone was having an argument with this person they have always had a problem with only because of their jealousy. I remember stopping the argument and just seeing my special someone walk out upset at me crying. Once they left the party I felt miserable and just sad. Police came shortly, but we continued to party like it was the last day. My special someone and I came to terms on the next day which was my birthday and we both decided to end things off. I was sad at first, but later realized it was all for the best.