How to Celebrate Twos Day: What did you do? What can you do?


Doing a fun activity around the number two like if you have younger siblings, learning their two times table, going out with friends or a significant other, a writing activity that has to do with the number two. 

-Ashley Bryant


Twos Day is a day of good energy. Those might see the numbers as angels numbers. Fun ways to celebrate this day is to hang out with your friends, or even go on a date with a special partner. Also you can spend time on yourself, and just enjoy nature. Most classes were regular work, but psychology wasn’t. We colored the brain, and constructed a brain hat. In the brain we have all the important sections color coded. It felt like arts and crafts, honestly very relaxing and fun. 

-Quentin Cloud


My mom, who is a first grade teacher, special ordered donuts in a 2 shape and is giving them out to her first grade class today as a treat. and she mentioned some special treat we’re doing after school today (my mom loves surprises, so she didn’t tell us what she was planning). This is only the second period (and I have a geometry test today, so fingers crossed my teacher does something for twosday and pushes the test back) but so far, nothing. My only classes left for the day are Spanish and geometry, so I’ll probably do nothing. and as far as I know, my little brothers (Middle school and elementary) aren’t doing anything either. though if they do, i’ll get an earful about it at home.

– Joselyn D’agostino


Some fun ways to celebrate Twos Day is by looking out for and identifying many things that come in pairs! Things like socks, gloves, earrings, and chopsticks all come together, and would be pretty silly without their other half. We didn’t really do anything to celebrate the day, but the thought of it was quite interesting.

– Olivia Gonzalez


Make cool patterns and other things. Some people who like astrology will have a blast today.

-Adale Gouldburne


I actually did nothing for Twos Day but my younger sister did a lot of fun things with her class. It was basically a free day for them so they watched a movie and had a little party in the class. They Also did everything in 2’s. 2 cups, 2 slices of pizza, 2 party hats. 

-Luis Loaiza


I didn’t do much, just school and had a basketball game. My brother did nothing. 

-Branden Moore


I hadn’t heard about Twos Day before today, so I’ve never celebrated, but I think it is wonderful and a great pun. I’d celebrate it by telling my friends about it and having some fun advertising it. It’s a small holiday meant to cheer people up with an interesting attachment, since 2/22/22 won’t happen again in our lifetimes. However, I haven’t done anything in class and neither have my siblings. A teacher had mentioned it before but on an earlier date. I think you can also take the day to reflect/appreciate things and make memories with your friends today, since it’s very unique.-Brandon Morales-ortiz


You can try to get two of things. You can wear a shirt with a two. In my class we’re going to create an article based on Twos day. My little siblings are going to do math with the number two.

-Brianna Morocho-acosta


The main goal for today is to manifest and better myself. The synchronicities in today make it very special and I plan to make today special and beneficial. I will celebrate by journaling and purging out negative energy and thoughts while inviting positive new ones to support a better, clearer, positive mindset.

-Petula Philp


Possibly by making cookies in the number of 2s. We did 2 themed questions in math.

-Jailyn Wade