How I Got Stitches

Branden Moore, Staff Writer

The  year   was  2017  during  the  summer.  I  was  13  years old  playing  in  a  basketball  camp  my  coach  was  hosting  in Englewood. The camp was going good all week until the very last day. On the last day it started like every other day where my coach put everyone through drills for the first part of camp. After the first part of the day we had lunch and everything was still fine.

After lunch was when we started basketball games and after the first two I was good. On my third game I was playing fine and then I jumped for a rebound and got hit in the face with a forearm. When I first got hit I didn’t think it was anything. It felt like a regular hit till I finally stood up and saw all the blood from my face on the basketball court. I got up and my coach brought me to the bathroom to clean the wound.

When he finished helping me clean my face he put a band-aid on it and called my parents. It took my parents twenty minutes to get to me because they were both hurt and it also was a Friday. When they finally got to me I got dressed and walked to the car and we went to the hospital. When we got to the hospital I was waiting fifteen minutes until I got put in a room. When I finally got put in the room I was three rooms away from my cousin.

When I was finally in a room the nurse and doctor said I was going to be here for a while because the doctor that does the stitches was at a birthday party and when he finally got there I had been waiting for five hours and I had to get 85 or 86 stitches right below my eye and couldn’t sweat or play sports for a little while. I got my stitches out after five months and returned to sports.