My Dog Simba

Glenn Ankton, Staff Writer

Growing up I had a dog from when I was in first grade to my junior year, and ever since the first time I saw my dog I gained an obsession. Everytime I see a dog, no matter how I’m feeling, it brightens my day. It just reminds me of the great times I had with my dog. Unlike others I treat dogs like they’re actual human beings because I respect them as much as they do me. Having a companion that loves you unconditionally is just a feeling you can’t really let go of. 

Having my old dog Simba shaped me into the person that I am today simply because of his constant positive presents. During quarantine it was literally just me and my dog alone in the house all day together. While I was scared not knowing what was going on he was always in my room giving me attention and love all day. I would vent to him, play with him, and he would even sleep in my room, so it gained a love for dogs for me. 

People underestimate the significance of dogs and how much they help with people’s mental health. Dogs bring out joy in people; they’re not just animals that you have to take care of. People should really stop underappreciating dogs and what they do because they’re more than a chore.