Keisi Prado, Staff Writer

The winter One-Acts at Teaneck HighSchool was something they decided to do this year because of all the covid relegations, it was not one or two small one-acts, they were five small one-acts. Each act was something completely different and unique to the other. The first act was called Maya where this girl can see ghosts and helps this girl(Felicity) who is a ghost to reconnect with her brother, but in reality she just wants to warn him about his fiance becky. The second act was Death Takes the Train, where death takes a train. The third act is called Actors where these actors are trying to get a part. The fourth act was called Barbies, where Bad Barbie tricks brunette barbie to help her kill blonde barbie and take the wedding dress. The fifth one was called Exposure, where these teenagers are all in a chat room and the main character gets exposed and things come out. 

The Backstage crew worked and helped a lot with these small five one-acts. The running, lighting, sound, stage-management, ushers, costume, and many other crews helped so much. The actors all acted their best and definitely made the one-acts very enjoyable. It took about possibly two or three months to do all of these one-acts and it’s crazy how much they’ve improved from the first time they ran this over. Looking back at the first rehearsal to the last one is crazy. It was fun and stressful and I can’t wait until the spring musical.