World Kindness Day

Zoe Gibson, Staff Writer

Kindness is something that we experience on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter if it’s a stranger smiling at you or yourself offering someone a mint, being kind is an extremely important part of the human experience.  The goal of kindness day is to celebrate being kind to others, yourself, and the world. Every year on the 13th of November we celebrate World Kindness Day. Starting in 1998 by an organization based in Tokyo called the World Kindness Movement. This year’s theme was The World We Make- Inspire Kindness. 

While it’s been a few weeks since World Kindness Day, spreading love is so important now more than ever. Coming out of a time of sadness and isolation, spreading kindness will not only be beneficial for the recipient but also for yourself. Here are some ways to spread kindness going forward.

For Someone Else:

  • Tell a friend or family member how much you appreciate them.
  • Help someone who’s struggling with work.
  • Make someone a gift.
  • Commit to spending time with someone you love.

For Yourself:

  • Take a break or mental health day (you deserve it!)
  • Treat yourself from time to time.
  • Take a walk, or take some time to be outside.
  • Don’t apologize for the way you feel.