What’s Friendsgiving?


Glenn Ankton, Staff Writer

The name Thanksgiving is a common word used around the time of November, but as in recent history the word “Friendsgiving” is also commonly used. The term “Thanksgiving” is from 1621 when the Plymouth colonists shared an autumn feast with the Wampanoag tribe. This feast is now an American holiday known as “Thanksgiving.” But as of recently a new term Friendsgiving has been used more often than not. Friendsgiving is a mashup of the two words friends and Thanksgiving. People use this term because Thanksgiving is a holiday typically spent with family, but Friendsgiving is a large meal amongst your friends. Thanksgiving is a holiday usually having the same foods from the original feast from 1621. But in “Friendsgiving ” people usually bring whatever they like or what their friends like. This word first appeared in 2007 as an informal replacement for the holiday typically spent with family. But it really started coming into national prominence in 2011 when the word was used in an ad campaign and it became a plot point in The Real Housewives of New Jersey.The word Friendsgiving became an official word as of January 2020 according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. 

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