The Youngest House

Sydni House, Staff Writer

Being the youngest child in the house of Houses was never easy but it taught me so much. I learned on my own to be independent and be okay with it at the same time.  skill not many people can or have mastered yet. 

Since both of my siblings are many years older than me, we were never on the same level at the same time. Obviously they went through most of what I was going through growing up but I feel that I’ve experienced everything differently. 

From an older sibling’s perspective they may say that the youngest is always spoiled and babied and the parents are always softer on the “baby of the family.” From the middle child’s perspective I’d say that they pretty much go with the flow, whatever happens happens but they could still get away with things. 

Now for the youngest child (which would be me) would already have learned from the things my older siblings did and would try to do things differently sort of  like learning and finessing from their mistakes. When talking about myself I do like to say that I’m independent because I never thought I needed major help with something unless I knew for a fact that I couldn’t get it on my own. I was brought up with the mentality that if I wanted something bad enough I could work hard to get it and that’s what I do now. 

The definition of independent is not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. For Christmas or birthdays I was gifted toys like Barbies or Littlest Pet Shop which aren’t necessarily toys that need two or more people to play with so I learned to play by myself while still being open to having company. As I got older I became friendly due to having people I knew at school or in my classes but that gave me more of a reason to be independent because nobody knows you how you know yourself. Having friends is always amazing and really great to bring you to new opportunities but at the end of the day all you really need is yourself.