Modern Day Detainment In China

Madison Griffin, Staff Writer

The detainment of Uighur Muslims first began in April of 2017 an event of which did not draw much media attention. However, over the course of four years, this issue has now erupted into an outcry of anger over social media with the details of its trepidation becoming more available to the public. In a form of detainment that many believe mimics that of Jewish concentration camps  where it’s estimated that over one million people have been held.

 While the Chinese media claims that the members of this detention center are citizens who have been committed for crimes of which they were unfairly convicted of, it is clear through acquired knowledge of a variety of journalists as well as survivors that this argument is all but an excuse to justify the immoral actions of Chinese administration. 

Most recently a survivor of the camp spoke about the mistreatment she experienced there. A woman by the name of Mihrigul Tursun recalls being tortured in various ways, for one she claimed she’d been experimented on with a white liquid that had caused some women she was detained with to bleed and others menstrual cycles to abruptly stop. She also recalls having been tied to a chair and administered shock therapy while repeatedly being told that being Muslim was a sin. In other cases women have been forced to take drugs which would prevent them from becoming pregnant or seize their ability to become pregnant entirely; a strategy of which many believe the Chinese government is using to essentially control the population of Muslims. 

While many are aware of the horrors occurring in China it is clear that change will not occur until we as people do more to spread awareness about this current genocide. The detainment of Uighur Muslims has gone on for four year too long. Let’s change that. These people deserve just as much of a shot at life as anyone else, choice of religion should not dictate that nor should anything else. With so being said I implore you to further educate yourself on this matter as well as friends and family.