Alieyah May Ordillano, Staff Writer

Read it again faster. What does it sound like? Yes, it’s the Inauguration—which will be different than any other in American history, with different factors stacked one after another. Weird title, but it makes sense. How so? Let’s break it down.

In: Inside is where we are advised to celebrate this year’s inauguration, and it’s already known why. The pandemic, which has taken the lives of many Americans, has only gotten worse, setting new records for cases everyday despite the arrival of the new vaccine. In place of the people who were to attend the ceremony, a Field of Flags stood in the National Mall. A nationwide memorial was also observed ahead of the inauguration, with 400 lights being lit in memory of the 400,000 Americans that died from COVID-19.

Awe: Perhaps this was not us when Trump, impeached, and no longer in office, announced his refusal to attend the inauguration following the instigation of the deadly Capitol riot. What we were in awe about was that something like this was done about a hundred years ago, with only three former presidents doing the same: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and Andrew Johnson. However, three other former presidents will be attending with their wives: Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton.

Grew: The growing tension between the two big partisan parties in America (Democrats and Republicans) after the violent attack at the US Capitol in January carries on to the inauguration, as it poses a big threat of fears of domestic terrorism at the event lingering despite heavy security. 

Nation: The nation will sit back on their couches and watch on their screens as the country moves on to a new presidency at this difficult time. We are passed down onto another leader who we can only hope would set into motion the change that the former administration was not able to accomplish.

This year’s Presidential Inauguration would be like no other: predecessor and former President Trump would not be attending, the pandemic preventing the gathering of large crowds, and the heightened foreboding of attacks against the President-elect with the Capitol Riots just weeks prior to the inauguration. This is a historic moment that we will be witnessing, and perhaps one that may change the course of events for America. Whether for better or for worse, that we have yet to find out.