No More Camp

Floyd Gray, Staff Writer


I used to hate day camp. Now a lot of people that I knew liked it but I was not one of them. And this is my story, not theirs. 

Every morning was bright and sunny this summer. The sun cooking everything it sees but the ac blasting countering the sun’s rays. Floyd got up and was excited but envious of his siblings. He would get dressed while his siblings got to stay in bed or watch T.V. He had breakfast and headed outside and waited for the bus. When Floyd saw that bus he was overjoyed.

“Here we go!” He exclaimed. He gets on the bus and everyone stares at him. Floyd isn’t the talkative type and realized that he knew none of these people. He went to sit at the back of the bus and not disturb anybody. The rules were simple: stay seated and don’t disturb the bus driver too much. But there were kids in every other seat that did not have their seatbelts on and were on their knees talking to each other. There were about three stops after mine and then we were off to the camp. The camp was about twenty min away from the last stop but it felt like an eternity. I’m going to refer to the camp as “the camp” or “camp” because I simply can’t remember the name of it. 

“Welcome to camp. I’m Mr. Sassafras and this is Ms. No Name. Go and get your shirts and let’s get a tour going.” The camp counselor announces.

“Awesome we get shirts” Floyd thought. Floyd made a couple of friends while getting his shirt and then continued to the lunch tables so everyone could be put into groups. 

Fast forward two weeks

Floyd is a social butterfly at this point. He has a lot of friends to the point that he will be called over to activities or not get picked last. The day would last for about four hours (which now that I think about it now is not a lot of time like I thought it was.) The camp would end for Floyd by getting on the bus. Because there are three stops after Floyd there are about three kids left on the bus before he gets off. They became good friends. But they were soon forgotten considering that Floyd stopped going to camp. (And I ain’t going back!!!)