Alieyah May Ordillano, Staff Writer

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Small cotton-like flakes came cascading down in large numbers, covering the skies in a grayish white mist. They rustled on the windows as the cold wind carried them down to the ground where they covered a green lawn with a thick white blanket. This goes on for days and days, the weather not letting the snow from last time even melt before it adds another thick sheet to it. And we, stuck in our homes, just sit on our windows to witness this spectacle.

This week has seen multiple accounts of heavy snow and very low temperatures, letting us know that it’s still that time of the year. It was a beautiful sight, but a pain, as we removed the snow or lost our power or connection. But it was still fun in many ways. There are several things you could do to enjoy this cold white winter wonderland.

Maybe you went outside and were tasked to shovel the snow, finding the snow very heavy to lift. You go to bed then wake up the next morning with an aching back to find another episode of falling snow, maybe lighter, maybe heavier. You sigh in disbelief knowing you’re going to be cleaning it up again.

Maybe you went outside to build a snowman or throw snowballs. You were excited to see through the window the seemingly endless amount of snow laid out on the lawn. You grab your coat, gloves and boots and head outside with a smile on your face. As you step a foot into the snow, you scoop a handful of it and throw it up in the air. ‘Yes! The best part of winter!’

Or maybe you decided to stay in bed, sip on a cup of hot chocolate, and stay cozy. You could have read a book, flipping through the pages in your hands and getting lost in its universe. You also could’ve had your laptop on your lap and started a series you’ve always been meaning to watch on Netflix or Hulu. Or you could have just slept, making up for those sleepless nights.

Winter is almost coming to an end. Few weeks will pass and the white blanket of snow will melt to reveal the green grass and make room for the flowers and leaves to bloom once again. So while it’s still here, make sure to have fun and take advantage of it!