Fun Activities To Do With Family In Winter

In the past, it was ordinary to have fun with your family outside. Now it’s not the same story, some may think there’s no hope for the Christmas spirit but there are still activities you can do with the family. Of course, there’ll still need to be the wearing of masks and social distancing. Be smart! 

A fun activity to do with your family is to go ice skating, it may take some practice but it’s a fun activity for all ages. There are skating rinks you can go to for a price. There are both indoor and outdoor skating rinks.


Another activity you can do on ice is going ice fishing. Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish with a line through an opening in the ice on a frozen body of water. This may be more boring for some but it’s still worth stating. 

Sledding is a simple one and is probably the most fun to do with family. This recent snow day I just had an old fashioned snow fight with my brother. 

There are still many activities to do this winter, but keep in mind social distancing and staying safe with your family and friends.