Winter Fun: Covid Can’t Stop Tradition!

Jalen Smith, Staff Writer

 Due to COVID-19, public places and outside may be down and out, but having fun and sticking to tradition sure isn’t. My family and I don’t celebrate Christmas, but as any other day, we see December 25 as a day of togetherness and love. On this day we have a tradition of doing nothing but watching movies. It may sound simple, but there is a lot that it entails. For the last seven years, my family and I have woken up early, driven to an empty Palisades Park Mall, gotten breakfast at IHOP, and spent the whole day at the AMC movie theater watching movies. It’s quite fun actually, we usually see around two to four movies, with just enough time to catch lunch and bathroom breaks between movies. This is the most fun I usually have during winter break, but unfortunately me and my family won’t be able to go out this year. But Corona will NOT stop the tradition! On Friday, December 25th, my family and I WILL be continuing our tradition from home. We’re going to order IHOP and go pick it up, and then we’ll be laid up on the couch all day watching new movies via streaming services. It’s a day to enjoy and one I really look forward to each year.