A Remote Holiday Celebration

Alieyah May Ordillano, Staff Writer

No one thought that the world would be spending Christmas 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. And yet here we are. With a second wave expected with the cold weather and different countries implementing several travelling restrictions, it just seems like a whole new experience. We are not advised to invite friends over, have big Christmas celebrations, and celebrate like we normally do either, and though such measures are necessary, this may alter our holidays quite a bit from what was once normal.

Despite these conditions, there are still many ways we can go about our holidays without risking our well beings. Here are some that can perpetuate the holiday spirit safely this quarantine:

  • Hosting virtual Christmas parties through Zoom or Facetime

With the power of the internet, anything is possible in these modern times. Though it may feel different, you still get to socialize with your loved ones without the actual physical contact. Send invite links to a Zoom call, host virtual games, send virtual prizes in the form of gift cards or online rewards, etc. 

  • Sending gifts directly to the recipient

Correlating with the point above, websites like Amazon and Walmart allow you to send gifts directly to the recipient’s address. You just type in the address to send it to, include an optional message, and you’re good to go. Gift cards are an easy go-to, eliminating decision fatigue.

  • Karaoke night / Music jamming session

As a Filipino teen living in a Filipino household, this is usually never absent in our celebrations. It doesn’t matter what it is—birthday, anniversary, Christmas, you name it. Karaoke night and celebrating with lively music are great ideas to get in the merry mood.

  • Decorate, decorate, decorate

There’s not a more prominent way to set up a festive mood than to make your surroundings festive. A little decoration can always put the merriness in any setting. 

  • Campfire in your backyard

Sitting by the fire as you wrap your blanket around yourself while eating smores and staring at the stars in the night sky—what a treat. Just make sure to be careful of handling that fire.

  • Go on a drive or a stroll in the neighborhood

Perhaps travelling abroad without social distancing is not a good idea, but driving around or strolling by your neighborhood to glance around at their lights and decorated houses can be a nice way to get around somewhere safely.

  • Give back, donate, and reflect

‘Tis not only the season of parties and gifts. It is also a time to share our blessings. Not only are you helping through giving back what you received, but you are also sharing the spirit of the holidays to people who may not be feeling it.

And there you have it. These seven tips can be executed regardless of what you will be celebrating (or if you will). There are certainly more ideas out there other than the ones listed on this article, so you are welcome to branch out to more of those as well.

I hope these tips are helpful, stay safe always and happy holidays!