5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for 2021

Photo credit: stocksnap.com

Photo credit: stocksnap.com

Aisha Cooper, Staff Writer

Let’s start with one of the most common gifts for Valentine’s Day. Sweets. Unhealthy but delicious. 

Next, since a lot of us are home, there’s no harm in relaxing and enjoying the scent of a candle. So, candles would be a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 

In addition to scents, perfume and cologne are a very popular gift for any holiday. 

Lastly is a hand-made sculpture. Hand-made things may not be as common, but they are just as important because…they’re hand-made. Instead of buying something, someone took the time to also create something. 

However, one way you could give all these at the same time is in a gift basket. You’ve probably seen fruit baskets all the time, especially as welcoming gifts. 

Now it may not be the safest to give actual open food to people, but sending a gift basket of all the things I’ve listed is just as amazing. To conclude, Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!