Surviving Valentine’s Day Single

Daniel Maron, Staff Writer

It’s the holiday of love, Valentine’s Day. Where companies charge ridiculous amounts of money for candies and cheesy romantic cards. That time of year where you get to spend some time with your significant other. But what if you’re single and don’t have a date on the holiday of love? Usually, you either spend some time at home doing schoolwork, playing video games, or having your social media plagued by Valentine’s Day post. That is why I have created this handy dandy little guide to help you survive Valentine’s Day as a single person. 

One of the things that I offer as my main advice is to focus on what is happening now to you at this moment and the current state of time. Whether it would be schoolwork, college preparations, your job, or even your own hobbies. Speaking of hobbies, I feel that the best way to forget about being single on Valentine’s Day is just playing some video games with your buddy online so that you don’t feel alone.

One major piece of advice I have to offer is that you will find someone you love in the near future. Remember that all of this hoopla about this holiday will end a day later. If that person over there can find someone, then maybe you will too. It just takes some time.