Birthday Celebrations – 2021 Style

Rohia Chaudhary, Staff Writer

Everyone is stuck at home due to quarantine and social distancing guidelines  which restrict people from celebrating birthdays the way they used to before the coronavirus, but that doesn’t mean people have to cancel the celebrations all together. Here are some ideas of how you can still have fun with friends (or with family) while staying safe. 

  • Drive-By Parade

Pick a date and time and ask your friends and family to drive by your house on your birthday. People can still exchange gifts, make banners, and have some interaction with friends they haven’t seen in a while, all while maintaining a safe distance. 

  • Have a Virtual Movie Night

Even though some people may prefer to go to the movies, or invite their friends and watch a movie together, people can still use browser extensions like Netflix Party (you can even use Zoom to present your screen on certain websites) to watch movies with friends and discuss and laugh over certain parts together. 

  • Have a Virtual Game Night

Websites like and let you play digital versions of games like Cards Against Humanity. Just FaceTime your friends and play together!

  • Decorate Your Space

If you’re quarantining with someone whose birthday is coming up, decorate the place! You can also get snacks and have fun with it.