Quarantine Time 


Armando Padron, Staff Writer

“Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms” William J. Bennett. This is how I have been spending my time in my home safe from the storm of Covid-19. I have spent most of my time playing video games and reading along with doing the school work we have to do. Not really anything exciting and well that’s because I’m staying home. My parents get the groceries and I help them carry in the bags after that they wipe them down and put them away. That’s just the tip of this boring iceberg

I have been spending a lot of time making stories and games to entertain myself with. I make sure that my siblings are doing their work and I wake them up every day to make sure they log on to their Google Meets. After I help them wake up and get settled I do the work that I have been tasked with by the teachers of that day. I make sure that I ask questions when I can and I finish my assignment for the day I go on and play my video games and read. My schedule has not really changed at all and if anything it’s like how I usually spend my summer vacation the only difference is that I can’t go out, order from the restaurants I like and the school work. So the way I look at it is just an early summer vacation. If anything I somewhat think I’m less stressed now by doing my work at home than I was before the quarantine. I have also been getting more sleep meaning my sleep schedule is also better.

So that’s all that I have been doing this quarantine. But remember to stay inside. I know it’s boring but it’s for the benefit of everyone. If you’re bored watch a movie or a tv show for movies I recommend you watch “Gladiator” and for shows I recommend you watch “The Challenge” on MTV. Wash your hands and stay safe everybody. The more you resist doing social distancing the longer we have to do it.