AJR- The Click


Armando Padron, Staff Writer

The album of “The Click” seems to have a theme of growing up quickly and the good memories we make along the way. One of my favorite songs from this album have been “Sober Up” and “Netflix Trip” because both of these songs embody that feeling of growing up and enjoying those moments. “Netflix Trip” refers to different stages of our life like seasons on a T.V. show and each grade we entered was a new season. “Sober Up” refers to when you feel like you have grown up too quickly and that everything feels like less of an adventure when you’re an adult to when you were a kid. They even mention how growing up has made them numb and they want to feel something again. There are also a bunch of lyrics implying how they wanted to go back to how things used to be when they were younger. How youth was fun and growing up can make things less fun and less enjoyable. “Netflix Trip” also compares some things the singer did when he was younger to what he has seen on shows and how he imitated them when he didn’t know what to do and wanted to make people feel better or wanted to look cooler. This album is honestly one of the best albums they have in my opinion because the songs on this album have spirit. So therefore if I were to rate this album from 1 to 10 I would give it a 10 hands down because some of my favorite songs came from this album. The Click is a good album and the three best songs in this entire album in my humble opinion are “Weak,” “Sober Up,” and “Netflix Trip.”