12 Monkeys

Emily Anderson, Staff Writer

Recommended to me by a close friend I decided to watch the movie 12 monkeys. Made in 1995, This 2hr length movie follows the main character James Cole played by Bruce Willis. James lives in the future where humans have been forced to live underground due to a deadly virus that killed more than a million people. He’s forced to go back in time to try and stop the virus from ever happening in the first place. It’s an incredible movie that’s both entertaining and makes you think at the same time.

Many clues and hints are given to you as to what happens at the end, but none of them make sense up until a certain point. The use of time travel is tricky but makes the movie even more interesting as you have to figure out what has happened already and what’s still about to come. Unless you really pay attention the whole way through it won’t make sense. It’s a perfect sci-fi/thriller. The acting is spot on as in Bruce Willis plays his character perfectly. A confused man traveling in time who doesn’t know what to believe. By the end of the movie he’s lost touch with reality and is unsure about everything. By the end of the movie you are desperately rooting for him to succeed only to realize that nobody can escape time.