We’ve Been Frozen Again


Sierra van Wijk, Staff Writer

Ever since the beloved Walt Disney Pictures Studio released the 2013 smash box office hit Frozen, a cartoon musical that takes on the issues of responsibility and family, all us fans have not been able to “let it go.” Anxiously, fans sang the famous songs in their rooms and threw Frozen themed birthday parties while praying for a sequel to discover what happened to Elsa and Anna after we left them at the end of the movie. In 2019, Disney answered our call. On November 22, 2019, the world was Frozen once again, in a mad rush to be the first to view it in the theaters of course. Of course, the story was already known. A young woman tasked to rule her small Norweigan kingdom must keep her secret powers to control ice and water hidden from her people and her sister. The original ends with the younger sister Anna, finally bringing home her runaway magical sister, Elsa, by telling her that their kingdom, Arendelle, loves and needs her. A story of love and laughter that brought you the big hits of Let It Go, sung by broadway superstar Idina Menzel, and Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?, sung by movie star sweetheart Kristen Bell.

The sequel, Frozen 2, leaves nothing out. Back again, are the fan favorites, Anna’s love interest and friend, Kristoff and his trusty reindeer Sven. Once again fans get a chance to laugh with the lovable snowman Olaf as he brings the comedy into any serious moment. This time though we follow Elsa as she realizes there is a voice calling out to her, beckoning her to come to the enchanted forests thought to be cursed by her people. Of course, she can’t leave home without her trusty team alongside her, or at least that’s what her younger sister Anna says. Together they are off on the adventure of a lifetime in unknown territory with new unknown foes. We meet the elements as the story continues and the once foes become allies once it is discovered that the true foe was Arendelle’s former king and the sisters’ grandfather who harmed the native people of the enchanted forest generations ago.

The movie ends with as monumental an ending as the previous one and once again us viewers are shocked at Disney’s capability to create such an amazing movie. The cinematography, as always is spotless, every detail precise and delicately crafted by an animator. The beautifully synchronized voices played by some of the biggest names in Hollywood and Broadway bring to life the artistic image of directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck to a T. Amidst the joy and happiness of the holidays, Frozen 2 could not have come out at a better time. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a moment and find out what all the craze is surrounding both movies now added to Disney’s increasing arsenal. Take a few hours and watch the breathtaking movies. Join the die-hard fans and I as we are Frozen, again.