The Borges Family Kitchen

The Borges Family Kitchen

Portia Borges, Staff Writer

Every weekday morning, I walk downstairs after getting ready and grab something to eat from the kitchen. On weekends, I walk my dog and my mom makes me something.

On weekdays, my main breakfast options are cereals like Lucky Charms or Cinnamon Toast Crunch, or a muffin, since I need something to eat quickly. Having to do that makes breakfast seem lacking. If there were more fruits like apples or grapes, I would eat that instead. Smoothies are also an option, never really get a chance to make them the night before.

The atmosphere in the house is nice on weekday mornings. My parents are out of the house, so I can play the music I want to listen to, or not play music at all. The kitchen is, obviously, empty, so I don’t have to worry about getting in someone’s way, or someone getting in my way. My only issue is having to rush, which isn’t the fault of anyone else but me.

Mornings on the weekend, however, are a completely different story. I’m often woken up by my mom pulling the covers off me and telling me to go walk the dog, which I do groggily. Then, I go back upstairs to brush my teeth and then I go to eat.

On weekends, I’ll usually eat a homemade breakfast sandwich, oatmeal, or some cereal with fruit. These are much better than the usual muffin or cereal that I eat on weekdays. They taste a lot better and are healthier. I can sit down at the kitchen table and enjoy my breakfast instead of eating it in a rush.

However, the atmosphere is also much different. There’s always someone in the kitchen and there’s loud music or the TV volume is up higher. It’s not the same chill breakfast was on weekends. Sometimes I have to rush to eat anyway because there are chores to do or someplace to go.

All in all, eating breakfast at the Borges family house is always a little chaotic, but that chaos is what makes it our home.