iPhone 11


Armando Padron, Staff Writer

The iPhone is always coming out with a new model every year with the same promise of a new and better camera. The best part of the iPhone 11 is that it doesn’t change nothing is different.

The largest change that ever happened was when they got rid of the home button and the headphone jack. The camera is never really something we notice nor care about well ago at least I don’t. If they are going to make a new phone then have it be a major change like a longer battery life and more customization because a hacked iPhone can do better than the actual product.

The apple products are useless when it comes to the newer items and because they end up releasing the same phone over and over and over again and people buy their products over and over and over again never realizing that there is no difference and if I wanted to be really honest the function of the iPhone 11 are almost the same as the first model. They both have a camera they both have the ability to listen to music they both have the ability to text and they both have the ability to call people and play apps.