Offensively Hilarious


Jeremy Parson, Staff Writer

Offensive humor is funny when done right. Offensive humor, not dark humor (which are both funny in their own aspects) but often they are confused with each other since dark humor is more taboo and as a result offensive humor doesn’t get any appreciation.

If you willing to believe me that offensive humor really isn’t that bad then there is a show I want you to give a watch. Now bear with me I’m going to say something that Friends watchers are going to find offensive. Watch The Office, now hold on let me give you an explanation as to why I think this show is so great. And to be clear we are talking about the US adaption of the office and not the original UK version which is funny in its own right.

The Office aired on March 24th, 2005 and was produced by Steve Carell. The Office is a comedy featuring the dreary souls of Dunder Mifflin Paper Companies’ own employees led by a hilariously incompetent manager. From Gossip, PDA, and violent interaction every rule on office etiquette is broken.

This show is one of my personal favorite comedies and I believe that it can be yours too. It’s offensive to a certain extent but that’s what makes it so funny and it’s characters so interesting. Give it a chance, and stay safe!