3 Movies to Help Keep Your Sanity During Quarantine


Daniel Maron, Staff Writer

Let’s face it, being stuck at home for  weeks with everything closed on top of tedious homework assignments that are sent out will drive any person into insanity and boredom. But if there is a benefit to this quarantine it is that it has given people to binge-watch their favorite show and movies.

3# The Entire Star Wars Film Saga: This is choice may be based on bias, but this quarantine is giving the perfect opportunity to watch the current 8 Star Wars film saga witnessing the saga of the Skywalker family plus the spinoff films Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Each film runs at least 2 hours and 16 hours in total.  The entire Star Wars Film Saga is currently on Disney Plus right now.

2# Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse:  Here is a Marvel film for people that don’t have Disney+. Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse packs an insane amount of charm and heart topped off with some beautiful animation and respect to the source material. The film is currently on Netflix.

1# The Dark Knight: Taking a trip into the DC universe. The Dark Knight is often acclaimed as one of the “best superhero films” and is often remembered for the late Heath Ledger’s performance as one of the most iconic comic book villains, The Joker. The film is currently on Netflix