Innovating the Classroom

Innovating the Classroom

Elijah Whilby

Although a classroom we desire does have its limitations, even if equipped with laptops students can not fully impact the use of technology as effectively. Technology should be used inside and out of the classroom and be as mobile as the student. To mobilize the utilization of this technology can only be found in a cell phone. It can be a powerful tool of the learning process.  Cell phones are a thing of the 21st century. It nearly consumes more than half of our attention a day. It’s implementation in a classroom setting is a innovative way for teachers to interact with their students. It is hard to fight the powers that be so utilizing apps like google classroom and skyward to interact with students opens more students to engagement.

With proper planning cell phones can become proper tools of planning. They can create new dimensions of learning. New forms of assessment with test games and quizzes.  New forms of review and new ways for brainstorming will also be implemented. Home culture can be connected with school culture. Classrooms that use apps on discussion topics and activities such as LABS help open engagements from students who would be rather shy to share their inputs but with technology everybody’s voice is equal.

Even such things as the camera can be used for photo notes. Taking photo notes will allow students to fully absorb the content given to them by their teacher. Twitter discussions can be started to get opinionated and factual reasonings on a topic or idea. These responses can be given from a variety of social and economic classes due to the fact that the internet is a broadband platform.

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