The Owl That Watches Over Teaneck High


Quentin Cloud, Staff Writer

Once you step onto Teaneck High School grounds, what stands above everything is an owl. It looks below all the students that enter the building. Even in the building, there is a mural which has an owl flying around the students as well. 

This mural is on the first floor. After interacting with some of the school staff, seeing what the owl represents in their opinion . Guidance Counselor, Mr. Book believed that the owl was meant to symbolize wisdom, and protection. He also believed that it was to keep from woodpeckers. 

Another person interviewed was the nurse, Mrs. Dyker. She said it was to show wisdom, and education from the school. She also shared that back in the day, there was a graduation. A big owl was a part of it, wrapped with a 12ft long scarf from the yarn club. It was long ago, since there is no longer a yarn club. Last but not least Principal Valdes had a statement as well. He said the owl meant that knowledge is being gained in the building. The common factor is that it means wisdom. What do the students of Teaneck High School believe it means? Is it beyond wisdom?