Getting to Know Joselyn

Jailyn Wade, Staff Writer

For this assignment, I had the pleasure of interviewing a classmate of mine named:  Joselyn. I asked her questions about their hobbies and interests, role models and favorite things. 

First up, I asked her what her birthday was, which she said is in August, which makes her a Leo. 

We then talked about what we did over the summer, she said she stayed home for most of the summer, excerpt for her trip to Pennsylvania, and her birthday trip to the boardwalk.  I then asked her if that was her favorite vacation, she said no, as her favorite vacation would be the time she went to Vermont last October. 

I then asked her what her goals and aspirations were, stating that she didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do, but she wanted to work with kids someday. 

Jumping to the next question, I ask her about someone who inspires her/ role models she has, she says her aunt, as her personality and outgoingness matches her own, and she hopes to one day adopt her “don’t give a -, I wanna live my life mentality.

We then began discussing topics that interested us and I asked us about hobbies, she said that she likes drawing, writing, dancing and singing non-professionally-(with the chorus and concert choir). 

I then ask her about her favorite books, and she mentions a book that we read in fifth grade, Wonder by R.J Palacio. We then transition into music, and I ask what her favorite song or genre was, which she was indecisive of, she says that she doesn’t have a favorite genre or artist, but favors music she can dance to. 

Moving on, I ask her about her favorite food, she says right now it would be a Cuban sandwich, a sandwich with two cheeses, pork, ham, mustard and pickles. Although she prefers hers without mustard and pickles.