Kamryn Hill, Staff Writer

I interviewed Zurae, who is 16 years old and loves to watch movies.  Zurae was born at Englewood Hospital, but has moved multiple times after being born, she is Black, Italian and Bajan.  She loves any type of pasta, which I think is cool because I love pasta as well.  She has a good relationship with her immediate family.  Over the summer, Zuare took a trip to Florida with her best friend and hung out with her friends.  She also went to North Carolina to visit her dad.  Zurae claims to dislike inconsiderate people, but likes to hang out with her friends.  If she had to pick some kind of role model to look up to it would be her best friend’s mom.  Her most embarrassing moment was yelling in a completely silent room, and getting hit in the head with a basketball during gym class in middle school.  

An aspiration or goal she has is to enjoy what she does in life and be happy.  I find that a very motivational goal that can help other people decide their aspirations in life as well.  Some advice she’d give to others is to “ Do what you want, you only live once.”  Zurae is a Sagittarius, and her favorite color is green.   She does not have a particular favorite moment, which is good because I can assume that she’s had plenty.  Her favorite book is Room by Emma Donoghue, and her worst sickness was strep throat.  Zurae does not participate in any sports.  

She says that her whole life is a defining moment, and everything she does makes her who she is today.  If she had to choose a favorite childhood memory it would be going to the park, but there are still many other favorites. Overall, Zurae sounds like a great person that is very nice and interesting.