Change of Plans

Jazmine Alston, Staff Writer

My birthday during a pandemic was interesting, to say the least. My birthday was in November and we’ve been planning the party since last year. 

We knew who was coming, what we were wearing, the place, everything was planned. 

We were going to have the party the Sunday after my birthday so I could be sixteen at my party, so on the day of my birthday I hung out with my dad then I went out with my mom and her boyfriend for dinner. When I got home we got a call from the place we were going to have my party at saying they had to close so the party was canceled. 

When my mom found out she told me that I could invite three of my friends to spend a weekend with me at a hotel. We had a big room that was connected to my mom’s room and lots of food so I had a pretty good birthday even though the other place was canceled.