What Are You Doing This Winter?

Floyd Gray, Staff Writer

There are a bunch of activities you can do in the winter. One thing that you can do is sledding. Not many people realize how fun sledding can be. If you have a big hill you and family and friends can get a sled and slide down. Depending on how steep and how much snow you can go really fast. The more people you have, and the more sleds you have, you can hold sled races. It’s a perfect activity for friends, family, and children. 

Another activity you can try is ice skating. Not many people can nail it on the first try but you might have fun learning. There may be a couple falls and a couple laughs shared between people. Once again this is a perfect activity for friends, family, and children. As long as you are okay with falling on your butt once in a while. 

Skiing or snowboarding are two other activities. Now skiing and snowboarding does take some time to learn. Snowboarding is the act of a board that is connected to both feet and you are technically sliding down a snow hill. But skiing is when your feet have two different boards each. For skiing you are also going down a snowy hill. But the difference from snowboarding is you have two sticks in your hands that you use to go down the hill. They are called poles and are used for rhythm, balance, accuracy, timing, and support. 

From the top to the bottom of this article the activities get harder. But if you go into these activities with an open mind and want to have fun. You will have fun no matter what happens.