How has Daily Life has changed since the Outbreak?


Daniel Maron, Staff Writer

With the Coronavirus spreading to America, daily life has changed with people now required to stay home to protect themselves. As a result, many schools, businesses, and restaurants have closed in order to lessen the spread of the virus. Since Coronavirus closed schools, online learning has become a vital tool in order to maintain a constant academic schedule.

Before the Coronavirus outbreak, I would have to wake up at least from 6 to 7 AM and be at school by 8:10 AM. Nowadays, I usually just sleep in and wake up extremely late usually from 10 to 11 AM. I usually do my school work at 11:30 AM until I have finished it all. In order to keep myself busy, I would either watch some Disney + or Netflix or just do other schoolwork. Something that I have picked up recently is replaying my old Nintendo DS and 3DS games in order to keep myself busy and to relive my childhood. At the end of my day, I then go to bed later than I usually did before the Coronavirus typically at 1:00 AM then 11:00 PM.

Daily life really has changed since the Coronavirus and not for the better. Honestly, there is very little purpose to do anything with most major restaurants and businesses closed. It also has caused me to be very disorganized with my schoolwork by causing me to procrastinate most assignments until it is too late. Additionally, it is also causing me to develop unhealthy sleeping habits and I fear I may not be getting enough sleep. All and all, despite these concerns I have listed. It is important to stay home regardless of the consequences as suffering from boredom in your home is a lot less worse than suffering from the Coronavirus in a hospital bed.